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Meet Elizabeth

The Short Story

I’m excited that you’re here reading this, because it means you’re interested in living a rich, fulfilling life. I’m an executive coach who helps women business owners grow personally and professionally so that their lives and businesses flourish. I am certified through the Co-Active Training Institute and the International Coach Federation. I’m a diversity-friendly coach and relish working with clients of all different backgrounds and lifestyles. I work with individuals, groups and teams.

The Novel

Chapter 1: My Path to Coaching

I understand wanting the best for your customers and clients, because I’m that way, too. You went into business to serve, to help people heal and thrive, and be their best. I went into business for the same reason. I was called to do this work.

You are big-hearted and passionate about your work, giving to others and helping others grow. This is foremost for you as a person and as a business owner. I get it. It’s why you do what you do. It’s why I do what I do. It lights me up. It is my pleasure and honor to witness my clients grow and see their businesses flourish.

I confess, though, that I struggled for many years to find my purpose, my true calling. I had a public relations writing business, which I was good at, but I wasn’t having fun. My soul wanted more. I knew it was possible to find something that I loved, so like a dog with a bone I went on a quest. Being the relentless self-growth hound that I am, I worked through a bevy of self-discovery exercises. I went to therapy. I hired a coach. I researched fields that I was interested in. I did past-life regression work. A friend and fellow coach suggested that coaching might be the right path for me. Several years later, I dove in and I loved it!

I attended the first course at the Co-Active Training Institute, the world’s largest and oldest coach training program. It changed me forever, personally and professionally. Once I listened to my intuition and trusted the guidance of spirit, I found myself right where I was supposed to be.

Again, like a dog with a bone, I was on a mission. I took all the classes, completed the intensive certification process and spent hours upon hours of additional time honing my coaching skills with colleagues. To me, it’s vital to be well-trained when dealing with people’s emotions and lives.

Since I opened my business in 2004, I have coached hundreds of women. My work thrills me down to my toenails. When I see my clients grow and progress and love themselves more, I’m delighted.

Chapter 2: Mad About You

Your body is sacred. Your soul is sacred. Your mind is sacred. And together they are a power package. I can help you revel in that force. 

You are powerful. You deserve to have a rich life and business. That means loving you, all of you and rocking your power. It means jumping up and down for joy when you do something you’re proud of and being kind to yourself when you make a mistake. It means being tuned in to what your body wants you to know, having work that you love, and enjoying abundant happy relationships. It's laughing and having fun. It’s learning to say “no.” It’s being so in tune with yourself that you know when you need to reach for a coaching tool to get back on track.

Rocking your power and loving you means having a nurturing relationship with yourself. It’s knowing you’re beautiful and hot from a place of genuine self-love, not being better than anyone else. It’s having plenty of money, to be relaxed and free. It’s freeing yourself from the chains of “shoulds” and “being nice” at your expense. It's knowing that you deserve a full life and having the courage to give that to yourself.

It’s glowing from within, and giving to others from a calm, centered and full place because you’re taking sublime care of you. It’s dancing in your platform shoes on the stereo speaker at the club. It’s loving you unconditionally, even in your messiness, like the exquisite woman that you are.


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