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Fun and fulfillment are an essential part of lifeā€”and these Moxie women know it!

"When I started coaching with Elizabeth I was stuck in every part of my life -- my home, relationships, work, and I wasn't having any fun. I used to dread getting up every day. Now I feel empowered, inspired and excited to be living my life. I feel like there aren't enough hours in the day to accomplish everything that I want to do. That huge shift has been a direct result of coaching with Elizabeth. Her coaching program is like an exercise program for my soul.

-- Martha Bailey, MD, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta

"Coaching has helped me learn how to live a life that is truer to myself and helps me better fulfill my passions. I owe much of my calm and peace of mind to the tools that Elizabeth has taught me over the years. Working with her has helped me approach my personal and business relationships with more honor and compassion, and it has made me more present when communicating. I can't thank her enough!"

-- Liliana Warner, DC, Lotus of Life Chiropractic

"Elizabeth Malone’s business cards say, ‘coaching, clarity and confidence,’ and that is exactly what she delivers. Elizabeth is so clear in her vision and so comfortable in her own moxie that she creates a fun safe environment for you to discover your own inner clarity, confidence and moxie. I had such a phenomenal experience coaching with her, that I would recommend Moxie Coaching to anyone looking to take themselves and their lives to the next level."

-- Maureen Reardon, DC

Years ago, I was working in a profession that was no longer right for me.  I was fast becoming miserable. I felt frustrated, unable to figure out how to even begin to start over. I sought help from Elizabeth because I had a lot of questions about my life, and I just couldn't manage to summon the answers on my own. Elizabeth is brilliantly skilled at gently teasing those answers out with exacting questions and helpful tools for handling day-to-day issues. Today, thanks largely to coaching with Elizabeth, I'm three years into a dream career, working in an environment I love, and life just keeps getting better. We all have infinite potential to shine in our lives - sometimes we just need the right coach on our team to help us get there. If you're ready for your life to feel exponentially happier, schedule an appointment with Elizabeth ASAP!

-- Lisa Provost, Nutrition Specialist, Lotus of Life Chiropractic

"When I started seeing Elizabeth, I was stuck -- three years post-divorce and mired in depression; stagnant in my job; deep in debt; and unable to love myself. Elizabeth helped me to identify the obstacles that were holding me back, and then worked with me to develop small, practical, and achievable steps to move forward in these areas of my life.  She held me accountable for taking these steps each week. When I look back over the past year, those small steps resulted in huge changes!

She helped me to set healthy boundaries in my relationships; taught me to make it a daily practice to recognize all the things there are to love about myself and celebrate my successes; and encouraged me to listen to my gut. I have also paid off most of my debt and discovered new opportunities at work.

Elizabeth is a safe place. I can be open and honest with her without fear of judgement. Because of Elizabeth I have moved forward!"

-- K.W.

“Through coaching with Elizabeth I have opened myself up for change. I have grown stronger and more confident in who I am. My path has become clearer and I feel like I can achieve my dreams.”

 -- Kim J.

“Coaching has helped me develop the mindset and positive habits I need not only to be successful in my career, but also to pursue the other goals I have in my life. I have achieved milestones with the aid of Elizabeth’s encouragement and coaching that I scarcely thought possible, and I am looking forward to continuing to develop myself and my dreams as they become reality.”

-- Beth D.

“On a scale of 1 to 10 the coaching experience has been a 10, and not because it’s been necessarily easy: Elizabeth is really good at demanding a person’s best without making it feel like a demand. She has high expectations, but she finds a way to motivate people to meet their own expectations so they’re left with the feeling that they’ve just done their personal best.”

-- Allison L.

“Through working with Elizabeth I really honed in on my values and skills, the structure of the work life I really wanted, and how to ‘listen to my heart’ regarding work. She’s also great at getting you to pull back and redirect when you’re going down the wrong path.”

-- Barbara H., Ph.D.


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