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WHat You get From Coaching

I believe that you are powerful and capable of creating what you want in your life. I am passionate about your potential. I use my tools and training to help you uncover your own answers so that you develop the confidence to follow your own inner guidance and wisdom.

Our work together equips you with tools for determining what you really want, reaching your goals, getting in touch with your innate feminine guidance and being an empowered woman.

You will use exercises created especially for you, learn new habits and be held accountable by me. We celebrate progress together as we create a plan to reach your desires and you start taking steps to make it happen.

We will work together so you can shift and release beliefs, habits and messages you tell yourself that impede your feeling self-assured and happy. As your coach, I use my expertise to bring out your own answers so that you stay true to yourself.

What happens in a coaching session?

I’ll ask you challenging questions, support your desires, encourage you, identify your strengths and talents, point out obstacles and stumbling blocks, and give you strategies to overcome them. I am trained in techniques to use the body to gain new perspectives and insights, so get ready to tap into your body’s wisdom through movement. In each appointment I draw on my knowledge of personal growth tools and tailor them to you and your needs. Together we custom create action assignments and exercises to challenge you and move you toward your goals. I then hold you accountable for completing your assignments. Finally, I keep you focused and inspired to realize your plan for achieving the life you desire and deserve.

What is coaching?
It is a relationship in which you and I are equal partners and achieving your goals is our objective. What you wish to create for yourself is what I want for you, and I will hold you accountable for creating it. Your answers come from within you and I am trained to help you tap into your wisdom. When you find your own answers, they are much more likely to be implemented and empowering for you. Coaching focuses on you learning about yourself and moving forward with action. 

Why do I do this work?

I absolutely believe in you, your dreams and your ability to achieve them, and I want that for you. That’s why I do this work. I believe you can live a zesty fabulous life. I also believe that with an objective, caring partner on your self-growth team -- who will challenge you and encourage you, and hold you to your commitments -- you can create what you want and live a life you adore. It is my job and pleasure to inspire you to believe in yourself, your greatness, and your abilities. I’ll keep you focused on your path to fabulousness.


How long will I be in coaching? 
It varies greatly. Some people achieve what they want in as little as three months. Some clients find having an objective outside member on their self-growth team to be so beneficial that they continue in coaching for years.

What is the benefit of having a coach? 
There is something powerful and magical about talking out loud to another person who believes that you are completely capable of achieving what you want in your life and encourages you to do so.

I truly believe in my clients; am totally on their team; name their strengths; ask proactive, thought-provoking questions; and have powerful tools and questions that help them to see new perspectives. And, in each session, we custom create assignments for the client to help her achieve her goals. I hold her accountable for doing the assignments, the steps, and the actions. That is one of the big reasons people come to coaching—to have someone push them and encourage them to do what they want to do but haven’t been able to do on their own.

Coaching helps you uncover your gifts, believe in yourself, stand up for yourself, step into your power, and pursue what your inner guide and heart are pulling you toward. You are more likely to do that when you are in a relationship with the coach, not simply on your own. In addition to gaining skills to use on your own, the benefit of coaching is the being believed in, the being witnessed, not judged, and having a safe supportive space in which to grow.

What is the benefit of talking about my dreams and desires?
You know how thoughts, feelings and concerns can run rampant circles in our heads. There is something about talking out loud—getting those thoughts out of our heads—that allows those thoughts to come to rest. Once voiced to a nonjudgmental, caring party who is trained in listening and asking thought-provoking powerful questions, those thoughts no longer circle and control our brains. It’s like their grip is loosened and we are able to see new ideas and possibilities, because a coach is trained in skills to help the client do that. 

What is the framework for coaching and how does it work?

First, we identify your core personal values, then we develop a clear picture of what you want. Next, we create specific goals and a plan to achieve your desires. Your plan includes specific action steps in two areas: eliminating the things that drain your energy and no longer serve you, and creating new habits and ways of being that light you up. From there, we identify any fears, obstacles, concerns, or limiting beliefs that may be in your way, and devise strategies to overcome them. In each appointment I draw on my knowledge of personal growth tools and tailor them to you and your needs. We custom create action assignments and exercises to move you toward your goals. Finally, I keep you focused and inspired to realize your plan and hold you accountable for achieving the life you desire and deserve.

How is coaching different from therapy?

Coaching is based on a wellness model – that you are a fabulous, complete person as you are now and that you want to make your life even greater. Coaching is focused on learning about yourself and taking action. The process gives you the tools to help yourself both now and in the future. You will be equipped to trust your intuition, forge your own path to fabulousness and make your world richer. 


Who are your typical clients?

Women who yearn for a zestier life, whether it’s to tap into their power, write a book, start a business, care for themselves better, stand up for themselves, put themselves first, work fewer hours, or to pursue new interests. In a coach, she is often seeking a partner to encourage her and hold her accountable for achieving her desires. I work with women who have the power to change their lives whether they realize it or not. They come from all walks of life: business owners, artists, homemakers, career women and retirees.

Can you coach me if I don’t live in your area?

Yes. I have clients in other parts of the United States and here in Atlanta. I coach both on the phone and in person.

Is coaching done in person or on the phone?

Both. We work out whatever best suits you depending on your location and your schedule.

How do I get started?
First, we will have a coaching appointment to see if coaching is right for you, and if we’re a fit to work together. It is important for you to have a coach that can motivate and inspire you. I only ask those to be my clients with whom I feel a genuine fit. Once we’ve decided to work together, you’ll have your Discovery Appointment. It lasts two hours in person, or will be broken into two one-hour appointments via phone. After that we will work together three times a month. Appointments typically last 55 minutes. Changing your life can take time and practice. For this reason I ask for a minimum three-month commitment while you gain tools to help you achieve your goals, understand yourself better and live a rich, satisfying life.

How do I make payments?

It’s simple. Payments are due at the first of each month via check or credit card. At this time we also schedule the month’s appointments. Coaching is more than just three appointments a month: I am available via email and phone for short conversations in between coaching sessions when you have a success or a challenge to discuss, or for checking in on your assignments.



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